Angela Carr - Dj Mutated Pony (AudioAddictz Records),Uk

My love of music started as a nipper with my own Fisher price record player,

I decided I wanted to be a dancer when I grew up nothing else,

And as music and dancing go hand in hand my love for music grew stronger.

To this day, I am still in awe of this magical entity called Music and its enchanting powers.

The past 15 years have been a fantastic learning experience within many musical genres across the spectrum.

Including House ,Techno, Hard House, Nrg Trance & Psychedelic Trance,

145-150 Bpm is My favourite pace for a musical incantation.
Full on Hypnotic melodies and chaotic chanting beats, All magically blended together to tell a story of spine tingling melodies,

An Incantation without words.

I thank everyone involved for helping me achieve my goals and realize my dreams.

Thank you to, Riff Raff, Remedy, Psybase, AudioAddictz, Kanyini, Orrible Noise, Hybrid, Mush, Killertrax & The Experiment,

Planet Zogg, Tyne Psyed & Triptonarnia ... Also to Shamania, Alchemy, Magikana & Beat Herder Festival's and Subliminal trancendance show ( psy tube ).

Mutated Pony, Resident DJ @ AudioAddictz, Remedy, Psybase, Riff Raff.
Thank you all!


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